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My Disc Golf Mystery Box Review

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Disc Golf Mystery Box Review

If you enjoy that christmas morning sort of feeling, buy a disc golf mystery box and get that excitement back year round.

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Below you will see the various disc golf mystery boxes that I have ( and will ) buy and let everyone see what I get and my opinion of each companies merch.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

As I get new disc golf mystery boxes, I will post pictures and details on each one.

The newest mystery boxes will be shown at the top of the page and the oldest ones ( obviously ) will be at the bottom.

I have another disc golf mystery box headed this way AND will post the contents of the box when it arrives.

Disc Golf Mystery Box 3

My latest arrival has made it here.

Yes it is, mystery box number 3.

With this one, the disc IS different AND what a score I got!

Check out what was in this mystery box below.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Shirt 3

This disc golf shirt has a cool design on it.

Now the material isn’t for playing disc golf in BUT is perfect for promoting the sport in your day to day activities outside of disc golf.

Diggin the design and the color as well.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Disc 3

I actually don’t have many disc mania discs.

Yes, I was lucky enough to score a doombird 4 ( actually two of them )…

So seeing that this disc golf mystery box disc was from discmania made me super stoked.

The maestro flies amazing in the wind and is perfect to put up against the angler from wild discs ( received in previous disc golf mystery boxes from )

Disc Golf Mystery Box Group Shot

Instead of breaking down each box by sticker, patch, shirt etc I want to start showcasing it as a group photo.

This will also help with my page load times. I will however keep taking pictures of the discs and apparel OR anything else that really stands out to me.

There is a neck gator, two arm compression sleeves, discmania maestro disc, two discstore tshirts ( one was an extra from a previous order fix ), a disc golf mini marker, a sticker, a double g jerky pin and a disc life patch.

I have to say, the discstore mystery boxes have been fun to open and share with others here at

Yes, I will order disc golf mystery boxes from different websites BUT you have to start somewhere and I really like their customer service.

Disc Golf Mystery Box 2

I was excited to see what was in my second disc golf mystery box.

There were some duplicates and one duplicate that I am extremely excited about.

Keep reading to check out what all I got in my second mystery box.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Shirt 2

I might need to work on my tan and my guns ( arms lol ) before tossing this disc golf jersey on HAHA.

This is going to be perfect for when summer gets out of control and the material breaths very well.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Disc 2

I can see how some people get mad when they get duplicates in their mystery boxes.

One thing to think about though is how quickly you reordered.

With mystery boxes, they are bulk packaged and if you buy a couple at once there is a high chance they will be similar.

For me though, that is exactly what I wanted and honestly was hoping was going to happen.

The wild discs angler is such an amazing disc in extremely strong wind.

So far it has proven to be an amazing putt and approach option for me.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Mini

I got a discstore mini marker in this mystery box.

Happy to get it because there are many times when out on a disc golf course and someone doesn’t have one.

This is also great for the times that I am practicing at the park with a portable basket and people are sort of watching and wanting to come play.

Giving someone who “might” be interested in disc golf is sometimes all it takes to get someone addicted to our favorite sport.

Hoping to get more minis so I can have a cache of them ready for kids and newbies alike.


Disc Golf Mystery Box Throw More Patch

These disc golf patches are awesome.

If I keep getting these, my disc golf backpack is going to have sooooo many disc golf patches on it!

Yet again, the perfect giveaway/freebie that I can also include in my giveaways that I do here at

Disc Golf Mystery Box Bottle Opener

Talk about a disc golf accessory that most disc golfers need when out on a course.

Whether you drink beer or not, having a bottle opener handy on the disc golf course might make you new friends.

It is just like those who don’t smoke but tend to carry a lighter.

Certain items can and will come in handy when in public just like this disc golf bottle opener.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Bottle Koozie

Well look at that, now I have a bottle opener and a can cooler to go with it.

These are called kozy, kozies, koozies, can coolers, bottle sleeve and probably a million other variations.

We all know what these are though and the thing I like about this one is that is can lay flat.

My current cozies for my bottles are a thick foam and take up a ton of space in my bag.

While these odds are won’t keep my drink cold as long as my current one, it will help me save space.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Double G Craft Jerky Pin

Who doesn’t love beef jerky AND disc golf?

These go hand in hand in my opinion.

When you are out on the course and forgot to eat


When you did eat but you feel your energy draining

Beef Jerky is PERFECT for getting that energy back up.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Retro Sticker

This disc golf sticker has a real 80’s vibe to it.

Almost makes me want to try and find my old paper 3d glasses and see if it looks trippy or not.

Disc Golf Mystery Box 1

In this first disc golf mystery box I received far more value than the cost of the box that is for sure.

The main things I like about disc golf mystery boxes

  • Test out new discs that I might not have bought myself
  • Get random disc golf merch that I like to put in giveaway contest winners packages
  • See if there is certain disc golf apparel that I like better when playing disc golf versus my current gear

Disc Golf Mystery Box Shirt 1

Here is the first thing I pulled out of my disc golf mystery box.

A really nice feeling disc golf polo shirt.

This is going to be far better than my current regular tshirts I wear currently lol.

disc golf shirt

Disc Golf Mystery Box Disc 1

I received a disc from wild discs called the Angler.

The feel of the plastic is amazing and really like the stamp on this one.

One of the fun reasons to buy mystery disc golf boxes is being able to test out new discs that you normally would not have gotten.

discstore mystery box

Disc Golf Mystery Box Patch and Pin

Next up is a really cool disc golf pin and disc golf patch.

I put them on my putter disc golf bag and have to say, they look grrrrrreat!

disc golf mystery box patch and pin

Disc Golf Mystery Box Score Card Marker Pen

Here is the Disc Store score card marker that was included in their mystery box.

I still need to get a reusable disc golf score card and who knows, one might wind up in one of these mystery boxes so fingers crossed.

disc golf mystery box score card marker pen

Disc Golf Mystery Box Money Clip

There was a money clip included that I have put on my disc golf bag.

This is actually perfect for holding things or attaching things to my bag as it holds onto things ( normally money ) very well.

disc golf mystery box money clip

Disc Golf Mystery Box Sticker

There are many spots where disc golf stickers can be placed.

I have a couple disc golf baskets on my property and as I ding them up, a disc golf sticker works perfect as a disc golf basket bandaid LOL.

disc golf mystery box sticker

If you know of disc golf mystery box websites to test out,

post them as a comment below.


The new 2024 disc golf mystery boxes are on the way!

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