My Disc Golf Mystery Box Review

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Want To Win A Free Disc Golf Disc? The next giveaway will include a discmania full tilt disc from the one and only Simon Lizotte.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Review

If you enjoy that christmas morning sort of feeling, buy a disc golf mystery box and get that excitement back year round.

Below you will see the various disc golf mystery boxes that I have ( and will ) buy and let everyone see what I get and my opinion of each companies merch.

Disc Golf Mystery Boxes

Here is the first disc golf mystery box I bought from

Below is a list and pictures of everything included in each mystery box. Disc Golf Mystery Box 1

I received a disc golf shirt ( really nice material btw )

Disc Golf Mystery Box Shirt

disc golf shirt

I received a disc from wild discs called the Angler.

The feel of the plastic is amazing and really like the stamp on this one.

One of the fun reasons to buy mystery disc golf boxes is being able to test out new discs that you normally would not have gotten.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Disc

discstore mystery box

Next up is a really cool disc golf pin and disc golf patch.

I put them on my putter disc golf bag and have to say, they look grrrrrreat!

Disc Golf Mystery Box Patch and Pin

disc golf mystery box patch and pin

Here is the Disc Store score card marker that was included in their mystery box.

I still need to get a reusable disc golf score card and who knows, one might wind up in one of these mystery boxes so fingers crossed.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Score Card Marker Pen

disc golf mystery box score card marker pen

There was a money clip included that I have put on my disc golf bag.

This is actually perfect for holding things or attaching things to my bag as it holds onto things ( normally money ) very well.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Money Clip

disc golf mystery box money clip

There are many spots where disc golf stickers can be placed.

I have a couple disc golf baskets on my property and as I ding them up, a disc golf sticker works perfect as a disc golf basket bandaid LOL.

Disc Golf Mystery Box Sticker

disc golf mystery box sticker

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