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My Franklin Disc Golf Basket Review

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Franklin Disc Golf Basket Review

The franklin disc golf basket has pros and cons.

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If you are wanting to use it outside with actual full weight disc golf discs…


Here is my franklin disc golf basket inside.

Yes, this is during halloween and that witch hats wig is a perfect match for the basket LOL.

You can use these indoors BUT a couple suggestions that I will get to a bit further down the article.

I would not throw full weight discs at this basket especially if you are a spin putters.

This basket will not last forever if you are using it like an outdoor metal disc golf basket.

Franklin Disc Golf Discs

If you got the franklin disc golf basket that included the 3 disc golf discs then you know how well they perform.

You can use them on any of the following shots.

  1. Rollers
  2. Rollers
  3. Rollers
  4. Dog Frisbee
  5. Did I Say Rollers?

The franklin disc golf putter disc is the BEST out of the 3 different discs that is for sure.

One thing even with the putter though is the edge is SHARP!

Franklin Disc Golf Basket Quality

I have tossed plenty of putters at my franklin basket.

Since I own actual disc golf baskets ( axiom pro, axiom lite and soon an axiom hd pro ), there is no reason to break this one.

This basket is PERFECT for bad weather practice sessions.

The key though is to get yourself a stack of minis or flubby wubby discs to practice with.

Here is one of my indoor practice disc golf discs with some freshly made rolex spoon rings that I made.

Above is one of my flubby wubby discs that I like to practice with indoors or when the weather isn’t up to par.


Whether the basket can hold up doesn’t exactly help when a full weight disc flies at your tv or worse a window LOL.

This is NOT a basket to run full power putting shots from 20+ feet either.

The fabric is not going to hold up to constant disc hits BUT the plastic chains can catch discs.

Best Indoor Disc Golf Basket For Bad Weather Practice Sessions

These franklin baskets are great for indoor practice putts.

The chains are plastic and the majority of the basket itself is lined with fabric.

Most disc golf baskets are made of various types of metal and when a disc hits it, the noise is VERY NOTICABLE!!!

I Added Zip Ties To One Section Around The Baskets Chains To Help Them “Catch” Better

With these fabric style disc golf baskets, you can practice inside without the loud CLANG!

This will help especially if you have family, friends, room mates or kiddos there as well.

I love to use the flubby wubby discs or any super soft putters indoors.

Benefits Of The Franklin Disc Golf Basket Indoors

You can use this inexpensive disc golf basket for many uses.

Most, in my opinion are INDOOR PUTTING PRACTICE!

This basket would never last outside especially if you have any sort of rain, wind or weather HAHA.

After having my axiom lite basket inside and seeing my families faces everytime my discs banged those chains LOL….

Having a quiet disc golf basket is more than recommended.

If you are a lone wolf and live alone, bang those chains all day and night!

This basket is perfect for most indoor situations.

Don’t forget to throw flubby wubby or minis else you might break something.

What is your favorite disc golf basket when practicing indoors?

With a soft disc or a custom yarn version ( making them myself lol ), practicing inside can be quiet and leave your household unbroken.

What is your disc golf basket pick for 2024?

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