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My Doom Bird 4 Disc Golf Disc Review

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Doom Bird 4 Disc Golf Disc Review

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I was able to secure a couple doom bird 4 discs from discmania.

These Simon Lizotte Signature Series Doom Bird 4 Horizon S Line FD3

These discmania fd3s sold out literally within 10 minutes.

Since Simon Lizotte left discmania, these are going to be HUGE COLLECTORS ITEMS!

Doom Bird 4 Disc Giveaway Contest

I have two doom bird 4 discs that are currently unthrown.

Now there are a couple options and one is a disc golf giveaway.

What are your thoughts?


My doombirds have made it!

Now the issue of deciding if I am going to throw one, two or none of them lol.

The colors and stamping looks amazing even with my old camera.

doombird 4 discs

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Disc Golf Discs

Yes, I was able to grab two of the doombird 4s in max weight!

They will be here around mid March from what discmania has stated.

Once they are in hand, I will have to throw one and might just do a contest for the other.

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Turquoise Disc Golf Disc

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Yellow Disc Golf Disc

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Blue Disc Golf Disc

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Red Disc Golf Disc

Discmania Statement About Simon Lizotte Leaving

The Last Flight. As our beloved Crush Boy departs, we want to make one last celebration to our 10 years of fond memories together.

These beautiful Horizon FD3s were made before Simon’s decision to leave.

Both Simon and us want to make this last flight together.

As a special send off for the Wunderkind, we are dropping the first ever Horizon Signature Series release to Discmania fans around the world in the form of the Doom Bird 4.

Simon, we wish you the best of luck with everything in life and cannot thank you enough for our 10+ years together.

This iconic disc has shaped the entire Discmania line to what we all know and love today.

The FD3 is our true workhorse fairway driver.

Featuring a low profile, blunt nose, and concave inner rim, this disc features just the right amount of overstability to get things done.

It can be trusted to handle high amounts of wind, forehand shots, thumber/tomahawk, and snappy backhand throws from even the strongest arms.

Every player needs one of these in the bag for its sheer reliability and durability.

Discmania Doom Bird 4 Flight Numbers

Since the doom bird 4 is a fd3, the flight numbers are similar.

With the plastic being more high end, how can these not be a bit more overstable than previous releases?

We will see soon enough for sure.


What Is Horizon Discmania Plastic?

Horizon plastic is a highly durable and grippy plastic in a striking two-color combos.

The Horizon plastic always features two distinct and beautiful color combos between the rim of the disc and the interior.


How do you think these compare with the regular fd3 discs?

Comment below and let us know.

What is your favorite color for 2024?

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