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Best Disc Golf Plastic For Snow

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best disc golf plastic for snow

Last Updated on 01/05/2024

What Is The Best Disc Golf Plastic When Playing In The Snow?

I love playing disc golf in the snow.

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When the sun is shining and there is snow on the ground, everything is fandamntastic!

One issue however is…

Which Disc Golf Plastic Is Best When It Is Snowing?

I have almost 30 different putt & approach discs that I have been testing at various distances.

From all of these tests there is one thing that is standing out.

The premium plastic is damn near impossible to hold onto once it has snow on it OR on your hand.

Another issue is when “ATTEMPTING” to use gloves, those premium plastics are impossible to hold onto.

best disc golf plastic for snow

Anytime there is snow on the ground, all of my premium plastic discs are NOT making my bag.

Never thought about the need of having seasonal disc golf bags based on the weather but it does make sense to me now.

Best Disc Golf Plastic For Snow

You can use a gummy premium plastic no problem.

The super slick or smooth plastics should be avoided at all costs.

Right now the winner for me is base blends or actually grippy high end blends.

All of those premium slick discs will find a home in my summer disc golf bag.

The base blended disc golf discs will be more than happy in my winter disc golf bag.

Now that the snow is gone for the year,

I can stack up some new discs and see how they perform in

spring, summer and fall conditions.

What is your favorite type of plastic when playing disc golf in the snow?

The plastic type really makes a difference for me.

What is your plastic blend pick for 2024?


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