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Best Disc Golf Plastic For Mud

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

What Is The Best Disc Golf Plastic When Playing In The Mud?

Playing in mud is actually easier with premium plastic versus base plastic, unlike “playing in snow”.

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From my experience, mud will hold onto base plastic far more than your premium blend plastics.

Another thing that I noticed is that the shallower the disc the better off you will be.

Those domey discs or putters like the berg for example LOVE to hold onto as much mud as they possibly can.

I have a k1 blend so it isn’t too bad BUT I do want to test out a base blend berg against my current one.

Which Disc Golf Plastic Is Best When It Is Muddy?

Cleaning the mud off of premium plastic versus base plastic is SOOOOO much easier.

There are also some of my base putters that I think will just remain stained lol ( gives them character so who cares lol ).

Best Disc Golf Plastic For Mud

I don’t think the type of disc ( putter, approach, mid, fairway or driver ) matters but more the blend of plastic that you feel comfortable with.

If you haven’t thrown a disc that had mud/sand on it then keep this next part in mind.

That mud sits on the rim of a disc like sandpaper when you try and wipe it off.

You can literally rub/rip the skin off your fingers if you don’t get all that mud/dirt/sand off.

It feels like sandpaper sliding across your release fingers and does NOT feel good.

If you have to play with muddy discs, at minimum clean off COMPLETELY the one spot where your fingers will make contact with the disc.

You might be ok for a few shots but trust me, over time it is going to hurt and super glueing or taping won’t stop the pain once you started to “sandpaper” your release hands fingers.

Once I get a couple more pics ( more mud ), I will post them up.

I want to also test out some disc golf gloves and see if that helps with that sandpaper feel that mud/sand seems to create.

Disc golf gloves and towels are definitely needed.

What is your plastic pick for 2024?

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