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Best Disc Golf Plastic For Rain

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best disc golf plastic for rain

Last Updated on 01/05/2024

What Is The Best Disc Golf Plastic When Playing In The Rain?

My weather changes like crazy here BUT I think everyone says that.

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Now, I do have all four seasons including an insane amount of snow during our northern nevada winters.

Once all that snow melts, the rain is next to come ( that and flooding haha ).

disc golf plastic in rain

Just like with snow, rain can really give your grip strength a work out.

We have all had that early release due to a wet hand or disc.

I know I have had it happen more times than I want to admit.

What Disc Golf Plastic Is Best When Playing In The Rain

Premium plastic can be one of the hardest plastic blends to hold onto when it is raining.

The base types of plastics will allow more grip BUT remember they will normally be more under-stable than your premium blended counterpart.

If you can keep your hand dry AND the disc dry, you can get sneaky with a fast throw before any of the rain really gets on your hands or discs.

Most times this involves keeping my hand and the disc under my shirt or jacket until right before I am going to throw.

disc golf rain

What plastic do you think is best when playing disc golf in the rain?

What is your overall pick for 2024?

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