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My Axiom Disc Golf Basket Review

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Axiom Disc Golf Basket

Axiom Baskets are designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course, with the high visibility for which Axiom is known. That is what their site says at least lol.

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I bought myself a pro version. It was on sale and at a price that I couldn’t pass up. Decided to go with the axiom brand basket mainly due to the color options. I am working on building a disc golf course on my property.

There is a good 2 and a 1/4 acres to play with and think 3 disc golf baskets are going to be a perfect amount. Once I get my drone up I will do a visual for everyone to check out.

Here is my axiom lite disc golf basket

Once I get the full design laid out, I want to start planting trees to create mandatory disc golf sections. Make the course a bit more difficult especially since I am only going to run 3 baskets. Now that might go up to 5 or 7 SO stay tuned HAHA!

The main reason I went with axiom disc golf baskets compared to other brands is SOLELY because of the discounted price I got it for. This is a stable basket and was of course very easy to put together.

I like that it has a top band compared to other models and brands I was looking over. I ended up with the orange color or mustard or sunshine lol not really sure what the actual colors name is BUT once I find it I will make sure and edit this for everyone.

EDITED: Yes, found the box and took a picture and yes it is a nice and simple “orange” disc golf basket.

Axiom Lite Disc Golf Basket

The idea of a lighter version of the axiom pro is of course a great thing. Having the axiom pro disc golf basket, I know it is a chunky pig for sure.

I am going to end up buying an axiom lite basket mainly for the portability versus the pro and pro hd versions.

I have heavy wind where I live so I know you better stake your basket down or put something heavy on the base so it doesn’t accidentally blow over.

Of course I am going to buy a couple lite disc golf baskets to test it against my pro version. I know there will be issues with this one with the amount of wind I have on my property.

Staking it down is no problem AND I know this one would be much easier to take to the park when I just want to do some disc golf putting competitions with new disc golf players.

UPDATE: Alright, I just bought an axiom lite disc golf basket. There was a lime colored one for a steal of a deal that I could not pass up.

At the time of this writing, I have an orange axiom pro basket and a fabric franklin sports disc golf basket AND shipping as we speak is the lime green axiom lite.

New New Update: Alright the lime lite axiom disc golf basket made it safely.

I can see the differences between the lite and the pro already and will put a pros versus cons together for everyone.

axiom lite lime disc golf basket

The Axiom Lite is 25% lighter than the Axiom Pro for even easier portability, without sacrificing durability or catching power.

axiom lite disc golf basket

Axiom Pro Disc Golf Basket

This is the basket I bought. It is the orange version, it was cheaper due to color but to be honest I like it. It stands out great against our brown/green backgrounds out here on the property.

I honestly want to get all the colors axiom disc golf basket come in. Each basket will be a different color AND I am going to have the basket led light kits so we can play disc golf at night with our glow in the dark disc golf discs.

For those of you who are near Salt Lake City, hit us up and we can play a round or two or 18 LOL. No, I do not have an 18 baskets on my property or large enough property to support it.

Man would that be a blast though. There is full disc golf course in town and odds are others that will pop up that I just don’t know about yet. That is the best part about 2022, disc golf is really starting to take off.

I keep seeing more and more famous people being completely addicted to the sport. It really is awesome!

The Axiom Pro Basket is designed for the most realistic putting experience off the course, with the high visibility for which Axiom is known.

axiom pro disc golf basket and disc golf discs

Axiom Pro HD Disc Golf Basket

I am going to end up buying an axiom pro hd disc golf basket in the coming month or so. Hoping to test it against my pro version and see how different they really are compared to just a weight difference.

Once I get of of the axiom disc golf basket versions, I am going to do a huge video reviewing each and every size ( and color woohoo! ).

From the pictures, it looks just like my pro version SO I can’t wait to see what the real differences end up being AND best of all I will do a full write up AND video so everyone interested can check out the results.

Dang that was a long sentence OOPS!

The Axiom Pro HD is designed to bring a heavier duty option to the Axiom basket lineup.

axiom pro hd disc golf basket

Axiom Disc Golf Basket Reviews

Once I get all of the baskets here I will end up doing a one by one review on each of them. I will odds are post the video on rumble versus youtube because I enjoy their free speech stance.

Yes, it would mean a ton less traffic ( subscribers ) but I really don’t care about that any more. I think that when you put up the right content, people WILL end up finding it and sharing it.

Most disc golf basket reviews on youtube have been done. I would like to put together a disc golf channel on rumble.

I already have setup the channel but am awaiting a certain amount of subscribers before I can get a custom channel url.

If you would like to help us get the disc golf channel launched then SUBSCRIBE to our Disc Golf Channel. I mean yes I really should put a youtube channel up just so I can get the traffic flowing, hmmmmmmnnn.

Stay tuned for updates but as of now I would prefer to NOT support youtube. Sick of the bans and limiting free speech they keep doing.

mini disc golf basket

Are Disc Golf Baskets Loud?

Now this MIGHT sound like a weird question BUT…. YES, when you toss a disc golf disc indoors and it hits chains it is VERY LOUD.

There are plenty of things you can do to fix it so others in your house don’t want to strangle you OR for those of you in apartments with thin walls and nagging neighbors.

One of the easiest things you can do is to use a pool noodle and cut it the length of the metal tube inside the baskets chain area. When you toss a disc in, the chains will still swing towards the center pole BUT with the soft pool noodle there it won’t make that loud CLANK noise.

Now if you are playing outdoors it really isn’t an issue BUT once again, you might have close neighbors or a very small backyard. When those chains hit the metal of the disc golf basket it can get pretty loud.

orange disc golf basket

Be a good neighbor or a good roommate and quiet that basket up with something that can go in between the chains and the center post.

I have successfully used a pool noodle, a t-shirt tied around the center pole, a handkerchief wrapped around the bottom chain rings.

Now there are of course many “around the house” options available so by all means use whatever quiets the chains down.

I have a couple acres and most of my neighbors have livestock. Most here have random animals making all sorts of racket ( I have a few myself as well lol ).

Noises out here are a non issue. One of the main reasons I am going to build my very own disc golf course right on my property.

Which Axiom Disc Golf Basket Do You Recommend?

This is actually a very simple question to answer for yourself. If you are going to have it in a stationary location then the pro or the pro hd is the basket for you.

For those of you who are wanting to take your basket to different locations, get the lite version. I have lifted and moved the pro basket of mine around my property.

It can get heavy and would  be a pain to break down and rebuild just to try and make it mobile.

There are also lighter versions offered by other companies. Most of the lighter ones fold up and are made of fabric.

I am going to end up buying various disc golf baskets and test them in various situations.

Can’t wait to see which ends up at the top and which ends up being nothing more than a flop.

axiom baskets

Disc Golf Baskets Wear and Tear

I have two disc golf baskets that I left out all winter.

By winter, I mean real deal snow.

The chains held up amazingly well.

The powder coating however did lighten up.

That isn’t that shocking to me though.

I don’t see myself moving them inside during winter.

I love playing in the snow to be honest.

Maybe I will look into an at home powder coating to update them.

Might change up the colors or come up with my own multi color option…. hmmmn

Any color suggestions?

About to go into winter season round two and will see how they make it through this time.

Digging these axiom disc golf baskets for 2024.

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