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Home » My Discmania Simon Lizotte Tilt and Lux Vapor Full Tilt Review

My Discmania Simon Lizotte Tilt and Lux Vapor Full Tilt Review

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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Discmania Simon Lizotte Tilt and Lux Vapor Full Tilt Review

I think I have finally stopped buying full tilt discs from discmania and simon lizottes last tilt run.

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Right now the colors I have remind me of the MVPs Axiom watermelon backpack colors for some reason LOL.

These discs are a blast to throw. 

Right now I have the 170 gram pink one in my bag.

We can have some WILD wind up here in northern nevada AND this disc will HOLD!!!!

Haven’t found another disc that can fit this very specific utility need better than the full tilt.

Full Tilt Review

Right now I have only thrown one of my 8 discmania full tilt discs.

I chose to run the lightest weight pink disc versus the beefier weighted tilts.

These are a blast to throw especially with a tomahawk overhand angle.

If you have wind, these discs will not care and will fly in a very duplicatable and predictable flight.

Not for backhand throws unless you have a “big arm”.

You can try and throw them upside down but I get more distance with the tomahawk chop throw instead.

Discmania Full Tilt Disc Weights

  • 170 Pink with silver stamp
  • 172 Pink with silver stamp
  • 172 Pink with gold stamp
  • 172 Pink with gold stamp
  • 173 Green with silver sparkle stamp
  • 174 Green with purple stamp
  • 174 Green with silver stamp
  • 175 Green with silver sparkle stamp

I have now grabbed a few more full tilts.

Started with a couple green ones and now I have some red/pink ones.

There are a few lighter ones I am after as well BUT they all fly the same.

If there were any made UNDER 170, I would love to grab a few of those to test.

Not sure if there are any in lighter weights.

So far the only weights I have seen are 170-175.

I want to say that infinitediscs had a couple that were scaled in the 176s.

Those have sold out and all they have left are lighter pinks/purples.

For some reason no one is jumping on those colors.

I might grab a couple purple ones since those are still sitting on the shelves.

Older Updates About My Discmania Full Tilt Discs Below

discmania simon lizotte tilt

The fourth is currently in the mail and will update the pic once it arrives.

Wasn’t planning on it BUT that color just seemed to be available when I had the funds.

I currently have 4 different discmania simon lizotte full tilts.

Still trying to source specific discmania simon lizotte tilt discs.

There are plenty out there BUT I am looking for specific colors and weights.

discmania simon lizotte full tilt

What I am going to do a long term test of the time it takes to make a full tilt UNDERSTABLE.

Yes, that is the one thing I want to figure out.

I am not going to just slam it into trees and walls or toss it in the dryer.

Simply going to throw them anytime I play disc golf.

There are plenty of times where the tilt comes in handy especially when you land yourself in a very wooded spot.

These are amazing utility discs.

That is one of the main reasons I grabbed so many when I could get my hands on them.

Let’s see if I can get the most overstable disc golf disc to get flippy and understable.

What do you think my odds are?

Has Simon Lizotte beat in any of his tilts to where they flip for him?

Discmania only made the tilt and the full tilt.

They have been labeled Simons Dream Disc Golf Disc.

Currently they say that the full tilt was the last run of them ever.

Something tells me that Simon Lizotte will have a similar tilt like disc golf disc in the works.

Simon can flip discs almost as well as Paul McBeth himself LOL.

Full Tilt Disc Plastic

I am going to see how long it will take to

beat one of my full tilt discs in.

It will take much longer than expected.

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