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Disc Golf Disc Giveaway Page

As I test various discs, there will be many times where I am going to just “gift them” away.

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These disc golf giveaways will be posted on this page as well as info on how to enter each one.

As new contests and giveaways are featured, the previous ones will be removed.

I am NOT a business but just someone who loves playing disc golf and testing discs out.

Since I have a couple baskets on my property, it is very easy to test out a ton of disc golf gear out.

None of the discs featured on my site are for sale so please stop emailing about certain discs.

Doom Bird 4 Disc Golf Disc Giveaway

I have 2 doom bird 4 discs that are in unthrown condition.

Looking to see how many people are still looking for a doombird 4?

Seeing if the full tilt or the doombird 4 should be the next disc to giveaway?

doom bird 4 disc giveaway

Full Tilt Disc Golf Disc Giveaway

I ended up buying a few too many simon lizotte full tilt discs.

This is actually a win / win for myself and all my subscribers here on

My next disc golf disc giveaway will be one of these full tilts in the picture below.

Stay tuned for when the next disc golf discs will be tossed into the giveaway mix.

Not sure if it will be a green full tilt, pink/red full tilt or one of each.

Maybe I will let the winner(s) choose which disc they want??? hmmmmn (-;

How To Enter My Disc Golf Disc Giveaway Contests

  1. Step one is to register as a subscriber right here on my website.
  2. Step two is to post a comment below showing a social link linking back to this page.
  3. Step three is to only register and comment ONCE, anyone from a single ip registering multiple times will be banned/removed from this and future giveaways.
  4. Register for rumble and subscribe to my rumble disc golf channel.

Don’t forget to share this page with fellow disc golfers that you know.

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