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Last Updated on 01/05/2024

Disc Golf Reviews

This website is my personal disc golf reviews blog.

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Off to the next disc golf course!!! My doggos’ name is Cinnamon btw.
She is a pyrenees/border collie mix and is a love bug (-;

Feel free and contact me anytime about disc golf content, reviews or inquiries about this domain name at:

If you are wanting to open up an online disc golf store, this domain could be perfect for you. 

Right now I have two axiom disc golf baskets out on my property.

Currently working on building out a few holes on my 2 1/4+ acres here in Northern Nevada.

In the end, there will be at least 9 holes and some putting distance sections setup.

If any company is interested in sponsoring or donating any disc golf gear feel free and hit me up.

There will always be advertising options whether here on my property or through my website here. is the first “premium” domain that I have been able to acquire.

Best of all, it is in a niche that I love to be apart of.

Can’t wait to get the pictures/video/audio dialed in for content creation!

2024 Updates almost ready folks