Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

Last Updated on 06/15/2023 by dOn

Best Disc Golf Distance Drivers

I am currently waiting for the weather to get better so I can test out my disc golf distance drivers.

My property is only 2 1/4 acres and distance drivers will not stay within the 300′ to 330′ fence lines that I have.

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Once the snow and then thaw is done, I will be able to get out on some blm land and really launch some discs.

By then I hope to have a range finder AND drone so I can get some top down video.

Stay tuned for more updates!

The snow has left the ground, distance shots will start testing my more beefier distance drivers.

Testing Disc Golf Distance Drivers Discs

There is a large blm land section right near my house that I am going to use for distance testing.

From the google maps, there is a solid 800+ feet of usable throwing space to play with.

As I get my audio/video gear dialed in, these longer tests will start getting updated here.