Disc Golf Baskets

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Best Disc Golf Baskets

I have finally started working on my backyard disc golf course. So far I have an Axiom Pro Disc Golf Basket which is HEAVY DUTY for sure. I also found a used Franklin Sports Disc Golf Basket Set which came with 3 disc golf discs. These two baskets are vastly different in all aspects especially quality.

Right now I feel I will use the franklin disc golf basket for indoor mini disc golf contests. The perfect indoor disc golf basket BUT if you use regular sized disc golf discs you “might” end up damaging or breaking something in your house ( not sure how I know about this possible issue LOL ).

franklin sports disc golf basket target set

Now with my heavy duty axiom disc golf basket, it can handle anything you throw at it. I also can attest to how durable it is in very strong winds. Sadly, it has fallen over a couple times and has a couple scrapes and scratches BUT looks and works perfect. Right now there are two car tires on the bottom stand and a brick in the bottom tire to hold the whole thing down. When I say that I have winds I am not joking.

This does bring up another question that I thought wasn’t going to pop up BUT here it is. Like most disc golf players, we think that the more heavy duty the better the basket will be in the wind. One thing to think about is just how top heavy a well built basket really is. Those little metal stakes will not hold that down in any real wind. At first I actually had the tires just on the base and it still fell over in a strong wind.

I bet that with a lite version of the axiom disc golf baskets, it will be the perfect in between for heavy duty AND can deal with a cross wind better. Another option is those disc golf baskets that have no band at the top. These are a few thoughts that ran through my brain as I kept trying to stake down my pro basket this week.

Disc Golf Basket Updates

I just bought an axiom lite disc golf basket. It should be here by the end of the week and I will get pictures of it. That brings my disc golf basket count up to 3 so far. This is the lite version and since I already had a pro version, I think this is the perfect way to review the two.

There might be a hd version in the future BUT not sure if I really need to review that one. Who knows though, I might end up with the entire line up. Right now I am working on putting in 3 holes on my property. I have two baskets that will be fine outside. Obviously the franklin sports portable disc golf basket is NOT meant for being outside day and night. I am going to turn that one into a really fun indoor mini disc golf putting competition. I already have bought a few glow in the dark minis which will add to the fun with the lights out.

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